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I just wanted to drop this note to say that I think this site is great. My favorite contributor is ngono- the african. who are you? I think you have talent kid and probably a big "peter". Call me at CAA.

-- Ben Affleck (, June 18, 1999


first of all you are NOT ben affleck and second of all you make me sick.

-- jessi (, August 02, 1999.

I am not willing to rule out any possibilities. Can I just say holy shit if that was the real one!!! Casey, man you and your family have a great gene pool. I actually posed a question on his web site too. I am in law school and two of may classes are on the net, so I have been doing a tad of surfing, not to mention seeing good will hunting, 200 cigs, and chasing amy all for the first times this week. My friends thought I needed a look into what the hell I was missing. One of my friends worked on chasing amy and his comic book at the show scene was in the movie. Just wanted to add my thoughts and let you know I am not a family stalker I just have to much free time on the net. :-)

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 20, 2000.

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