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Casey is this generation Marlon Brando. Not the Fat Ise of Dr. Moreau Brando, and not the Don Juan DeMarco Brando, no, not that Brando, but instead the Brando from Strretcar named desire, and the WILD ONE.

I really think that Casey has a motorcycle and hee rides it and he revs the engine to chase and scare girls, but at the same time they feel enchanted and inebriated by him and they can't resist him. I bet that he even has a shinny little friend who "may or may not be" a fag like in Rebel without a cause, James Dean's little friend SAL, and I bet that there is a lot of homo-erotic behavior. Rest assured that I don't mean to insinuate that Casey is a fag, but rather, that he has a friend to act tough around and his friend may or may not be a fag.

We really don't we.

or, maybe casey is in fact an android, ,like C-P30 and R2D2 and he can only talk through a aseries of beeps and clicks, almost like that one language some of the natives in that one country in Africa that talk in a series of clicks and beeps.


-- Richard Nixon (, June 18, 1999


Grammar inspector strikes again- This generation's Marlon Brando. It's posseseive, so you need the 's.

-- Valeri Pervo (, June 25, 1999.

yeah-fuck you, ya stupid bitch.

-- nyoaka (, July 13, 1999.

Hurray, Nyoaka! Always there for the grammatical plebians!

***** effort! With this one, though, I must agree, a certain degree of creative latitude seems to have been taken with respect to grammar and spelling. It only seems to enhance the former leader of the western world's sentiments, right, o connoisseur of benchmark cut-ups? Anyway, so, WHY must you be so nasty, if you're not going to be humorous about it? Are you hardcore Casey Affleck, or just hardcore dateless?

-- oddysea (, June 29, 2000.

I bet that took a lot of effort.

-- nyoaka (, September 03, 2000.

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