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Hi! I have resently started a new Doula practice in Southern Minnesota. I live in a small community and it is quite difficult spreading the word about what a doula is and does. Although I am confident it will eventually catch on as word of mouth spreads. I am looking for ways to be more appealing to a consumer. Does anyone have any other services they offer? I am currently offering private birthing classes, I sell Medela breast pumps, and over the shoulder baby holders. Another question I have is... Does anyone know of somewhere you can take massage classes? Prenatal and Infant message? Thanks for your help. Carmen Hanson LPN./ICD

-- Carmen Barbara Hanson (mchanson@mnic.net), June 17, 1999


Wow Carmen! You are busy! Word will definitely spread with all the work you are doing.

You could try doing a talk on doulas at a local hospital before a tour if they'd allow it. Another doula and I have found it to be fun and successful. The hospital seems to like it as it makes them look very savvy and open to new birth trends. It also pulls in a few more people for the tour. These same talks can be done at birthing centers and for groups of home birthers with a particular midwife. Early pregnancy classes would also be a nice time to introduce the newly pregnant woman/couple to the idea of doulas... Hmmmm, so many things to do...

Your best advertising will be when you have a bunch of satisfied moms who tell all their friends!

Keep up the wonderful work- Kirsten

-- Kirsten Gerrish (kirsten@doula.net), July 08, 1999.

Hi Carmen! I just bought a book: Childbirth Instructor Magazine's Guide to Careers in Birth - How to Have a Fulfilling Job in Pregnancy, Labor, & Parenting Support Without a Medical Degree by Suzanne B. Robotti and Margaret Ann Inman. It offers lots of suggestions on how you might further diversify your doula business.

-- Janice Fell (fellj@cadvision.com), August 28, 1999.

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