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Heres one I havent seen before.


Some Norwegian prisoners may be furloughed due to Y2K fears
Thursday, June 17, 1999

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(06-17) 07:20 PDT OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Some Norwegian prisoners may get to spend New Year's Eve in freedom because officials fear blackouts if power company computers crash because of the so-called Y2K problem.

Power companies serving Norway's Vestfold County cannot guarantee electricity supplies on New Year's Day due to the potential computer glitch, the NRK radio network reported Thursday.

The problem is caused because earlier computer programmers trying to save memory space used only two digits to store information for a year -- meaning the year 2000 can be confused for 1900.

``At the minimum security, open prisons the inmates will probably be released, while those in high security facilities would have to be moved to other parts of the country,'' said Terje Weber, deputy director of the district's prisons.

It was not clear how many prisoners might be affected, or whether other jails might have to close.

-- Diane J. Squire (, June 17, 1999


Remember, "The Stand"? 7-11's aren't the only structures one may wish to avoid!

-- Will continue (, June 17, 1999.

And they want to free the prisoners beeecaaaauuuse......?

-- nothere nothere (, June 17, 1999.

Response to ?Some Norwegian Prisoners May Be Furloughed Due To Y2K Fears?

Will, I've read The Stand, more than once actually, But what's this reference I hear periodically to being near a 7-11?

Lookie there, it's the "Walkin' Dude" Randall Flagg.

-- Mike (, June 17, 1999.

Because their Color TV might not work.

-- kozak (kozak@formerusaf.guv), June 17, 1999.

They've been releasing Norwegian prisoners for a while now........

That would explain where Throthgar came from!

-- Craig (, June 17, 1999.

"cannot guarantee electricity supplies on New Year's Day"

*On* New Year's Day? What about *after*? I find it hard to believe they are releasing prisoners for fear of a one day power failure. Perhaps something was lost in the translation. How do you say 'spin' in Norwegian?

-- David Binder (, June 17, 1999.

In re. 7-11's. I believe the reference goes off the following assumptions: 1) 7-11's are in Urban areas. 2) Urban areas are going to be a mess if Y2K is bad. Therefore, if you are near a 7-11, you are in trouble... :)

In re. moving the High Security prisoners. Um, if the power goes out, how are they going to move the high security prisoners, and if they move them before 1/1/00, how do they know they are moving them to an area that isn't going to blackout? :)

-- Clittle (, June 17, 1999.


Noe Norsk arrestanter kanskje vfre [furloughed] pe grunn av Y2K [fears]

Torsdag, Juni 17, 1999 Avbrytelse Nyheter Avdelinger


(06-17) 07:20 PDT OSLO, Norge(AP) Noe Norsk arrestanter kanskje komme til bruke Ny Er' Kvelden inne frihet fordi funksjonfrer [fear] bevisstlxshet hvis makt selskapet datamaskiner sammenbruddet med hensyn til det se-alarmert Y2K problem.

Makt selskapene betjener Norge' [Vestfold] Fylke kan ikke garanti elektrisiteten forsyner opp pe Ny Er' Dag pe grunn av det muligheter computer [glitch], det NRK radio nettverk rapportere Torsdag.

Problemet er forersaket fordi tidligere computer program's prxver e bevare hukommelse mellomrom anvendt bare to sifre e lager beskjed for et er -- betydning det er 2000 kan forvirret for 1900.

``for det minst mulig garanti, epen fengsler det beboere ville sannsynligvis vfre befridd, stund dem oppstemt garanti [facilities] ville vfre nxdt til e vfre flyttet e annet deler av det land,'' sa [Terje] [Weber], representant direktxren av distriktene' fengsler.

Den var ikke helt hvor mange arrestanter kunne bli angrepet, eller hvorvidt annet fengsler kunne vfre nxdt til e slutte.

-- (ct@no.yr), June 17, 1999.

how many professional crooks are drooling over this-forum? they must love the-one about not enough armored money wagons. and you folks who say''i would never own a gun. or dogs- i got a feelin they,re out there listening.and how about the terrorists?

-- al-d. (, June 17, 1999.

i thought i was,nt going to post here anymore, but i guess i changed my mind.

-- al-d. (, June 17, 1999.

"Den var ikke helt hvor mange arrestanter kunne bli angrepet, eller hvorvidt annet fengsler kunne vfre nxdt til e slutte."

Couldn't have said it better myself!!

-- regular (zzz@z.z), June 17, 1999.


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 17, 1999.

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