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I wan't to make a VCD for my DVD player. But i don't know how to make one I have the software and the hardware but I want ot use Nero or Adaptec for making a VCD to play it on my DVD player. Can some body help me with making the VCD. I have the .DAT files and the applications. I get it not working.

-- Fred Beumer (, June 17, 1999


You have to start with MPEG format video and then just follow the steps in the VCD creation wizard on Adaptec. Go to and download VCD Gear. This will convert your dat files to mpeg and then you'll be ready to burn a VCD. E-mail me if you need more advice or specific instructions.

-- Robert(Slide)Snider (, July 06, 1999.

sir, ple.. download vcd gear help me vcd convart mpg..


-- amarjeet singh (, April 25, 2001.

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