hardware and software for edit commercial TV

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We are interesting to get information about hardware and software for edit, like desktop publishing, commercial TV. We have an offer with following items:

1 POWER Macintosh G3 400 Mhz 128 MB RAM 1 MB cachi memory 1 board network 10/100 base T 1 hard disk 9 GB SCSI 16 MB video board with accelerator ATI RAGE 128 graphic memory keyboard apple

Application software for Macintosh

Monitor Apple studio 21"

Free software supplied: Photo Shop ver 5.1 Adobe after effects

Edition no-linear media system 100 LX ver 5.5

Please, we want to are in bussiness and we need an answer, as soon as possible.

Josi Martmn PeqA

-- Josi Martmn Peqa Torres (martinpena@hotmail.com), June 16, 1999


Sounds like you've already got everything you need except Adobe Premiere. Go to www.adobe.com and read/watch the reviews from other Television networks that use both After Effects and Premiere. They work hand in hand.

-- Robert(Slide)Snider (rsnider1@san.rr.com), July 06, 1999.

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