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Nicole, are you hot? i have a feeling you might be. i think we should get together so i can kiss your tight little body....not!! you think you are such hot shit, well i am glad frank told you off you pompous bitch. anyone can feel anyway they want about casey, you have no monopoly over sentiment towards the cuter affleck brother. don't write anymore shit, or you will get "dealt wit real kwick" hugs and kisses, dee.

-- dee s. nuts (, June 16, 1999


All are welcome. Well, mostly all. Some of the nasty stuff is a little...well, nasty. Other than that, the kookier the better!

Peace! -E

-- Webmaster (, June 18, 1999.

I certainly wouldn't ban anyone from posting on this site. It's much more interesting to have a wide range of opinions expressed by people with differing viewpoints.

I sincerely doubt that Casey has ever visited this site, and if he has, I have no way of knowing it or verifying that it was him. But that's okay. I'm sure he knows that there are plenty of loony fans out there. Hopefully he will be flattered (or at least freaked out!) that a domain has been registered with his name!

Later, E

-- Webmaster (, June 18, 1999.

dee, leave nicole alone. Nicole i am sorry i was mean to you. i just get a little upset and defensive when it comes to my feelings. I am truly sorry. dee, you stay off this site, you obviously don't have anything to contribute. Nicole, olease write me, i feel really awful. sorry again, frank

-- frank williamson (, June 16, 1999.

Frank how would you feel if someone you didn't even know wrote tha about you when it was none of the business anyway. but thanks for at least writing something, whether i can believe it or not is another thing. and isn't there some kind of rules about what can get written here, and i think dee should just stay away from here and find someplace else to write what he wants, i can't imagine the owner of this, or casey, would want him here

-- nicole (, June 18, 1999.

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