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I have some page orientation problems printing to Onyx RIP. Landscape documents printed to ONYX have landscape page orientation but all other PS data is 90 degree rotated (portret orientation).

I have 4.5 version of ONYX RIP and (I hope) the last PPD. Is this a bug or what??

-- Anonymous, June 16, 1999


Let me guess, you are using trying to rip Quark 4.0 documents. We have discovered that Quark makes some strange assumptions about PPD's, and it assumes pages are rotated 90 degrees. We have created PPD's specifically for Quark that will fix these problems. You will need to select the appropriate Quark PPD with the Quark print dialog, but NOT within the chooser. (Quark PPD's will really mess up other applications output). Additionally you need to be aware that when using lanscape documents you need to enter in the Height for the Width in the Quark print dialog, and specify that the image is rotated.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 1999

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