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Has anyone used the Sinaron 150 SE (75 deg coverage) or any of the Sinaron lenses? I *believe* this is the Rodenstock 150 apo sironar S (?), but would like some feedback on how the Sinarons perform, as I'm uncertain whether or not Sinar tests it while mounted to the board. I'm considering purchasing one and mounting it in a technika board.

-- James Chow (, June 15, 1999


The Sinarons are Rodenstock lenses. Optically they are virtuallyno different from other lenses from Rodenstock. Sinar may test them to their specs, as Linhof does with the lenses they get from Rodenstock, but if they didn't meet Rodenstock's extremely high standards in the first place they wouldn't leave the factory. In short there is no "creaming". This info comes from Bob Saloman at H.P. marketing, Rodenstock & Linhof's US distributor.Assuming they are in copal shuters as opposed to the Sinar shutters, the advantages of a Sinaron lens is that Sinar has mounted and aligned the lens in the lens board it comes in, to ensure the best results with their cameras. Remounting the lens in a Technika board would obviously undo that, and would probably destroy the resale value of that lens.

-- Ellis Vener (, June 17, 1999.

Linhof lensboards come with factory milled holes. That means that if you use a Linhof 0, 1 or 3 hole lensboard on a Linhof the lens is as accurately centered as the holes in the boards sold by Sinar.

If you use non Linhof boards or mill your own holes the lens may not be cetered on a Linhof to factory specs.

We do not mill the holes in the boards ourselves in the U.S. but only use boards milled at the factory.

-- bob salomon (, June 17, 1999.

Based on pricing and examples Ive seen these lenses, like other Snar stuff custom labeled for them, are overpriced. Especially as it will be mounted on diff board, Id go with a Rodenstock.

-- Alan Barton (, June 21, 1999.

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