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I have decided to try BodyOpus, have read the book, and I have my game plan set out. I am confused about one aspect of the diet, though. From Friday evening to Sunday evening you are not supposed to consume very much fructose or sucrose for the recomposition drinks. Rather, you are supposed to have glucose, or glucose polymers. My question is, what drinks contain only glucose? They cannot be fruit juices, I believe, because fruit contains fructose. What kinds of foods can I use here? Do I have to buy one of those supplements like Ultra Fuel that advertises glucose polymers? Isn't there *anything* I can buy at the supermarket? Thanks.

-- Chris Wofse (, June 15, 1999


chris ,im not sure if there is any glucose based drinks at the grocery store , but you could go to a gnc and get some carbo force,it has a glucose base,or do what i am doing buy cell tech and load on creatine while you carb up.

-- jim (, January 28, 2000.

you might want to try contains maltodextrin which is a glucose polymer.

-- Ryan Babcock (, July 24, 2000.

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