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Recently, I experienced an invader which clobbered my system running W98 in one partition and Redhat5.2 Linux2.1 in another. No matter what program I tried to execute, including any folder following My Computer, my system started IBM Global Dialer attempting to connect to my ISP! In addition, my Boot Manager disappeared and when I used a floppy to boot LINUX 2.1, I found that it too was broken.

After monkeying around for a day, I finally bit the bullet and formatted my hard disk and began the onerous task of reloading everything from scratch. I am now almost finished, but the thought struck me; this is an opportunity to load the new Linux 2.2 and marvel.

Hence this QUESTION:\

Does anyone care to recommend which package to buy - Redhat 6 or the new Caldera offering?

Comments anyone?

Regards, George or right here in the SIG.

-- George Monroe (, June 15, 1999


Hi George!

I'm glad to see some action here on the MHCUG Linux GORUM. Thanks for stopping by.

I really cannot answer your question. I purchased Caldera 2.2 and have only got as far as completing the installation. The installation went well; but I have been so swamped with other work/activities that I have not touched it for over a month. The next step is to get connected to the Internet, so I can download corrections/patches from the Caldera site. I will need one fix at least. That is to get sound working. Caldera got their 2.2 Kernel product out the door before Red Hat. As a result I expect there are likely a few more rough edges in Caldera's release. But I don't know that for sure.

You've probably checked out the feature list of both products. No clear win there. The price difference seems most significant, with Red Hat going for about $35 more (using Linux Mall prices). If you really like telephone support, 30 days are included with RH. Caldera provides 90 days e-mail support. I rarely use tech support, but since I've paid for it, I'm waiting until I have some free time before I register and start the clock.

I guess one good way to examine both products is to order the $1.89 CDs from Linux Mall!

Maybe Jerry G. will jump in with his observations. I know he has installed RH 5.2 and I believe he purchased S. u. S. E.

BTW, I had to use the full Partition Magic 4.0 instead of the version included with Caldera because I had 10GB drive.

Have fun!

Regards, Pat

-- Pat Mannix (, June 15, 1999.

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