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May I suggest that Time Bomb Year 2000 Preparation Archive (Brian,, 1999-05-14) be left on the active forum for future reference as it contains threads for everything and is much too much to deal with in one or two sittings before it disappears. It should be accessible to newcomers.

-- Joyce (, June 15, 1999



This is a problem on the forum. To put it on the top page so it stays there would have to be done on all the greenspun forums. I allways categorize the Archive under "Fallback planning" and one can bookmark it. There is a way to post a graphic which would make it more easy to find but that has to be done at the moderators level. At this point the best I can do is repost it.

At this moment I am working on another archive. This one for Emergency Preparedness and has external links.

Look for the Archive above this link.

Glad that it is informative and helpfull for you Joyce and others.

-- Brian (, June 15, 1999.

Brian, although I don't always tell you, I do apreciate your archives. They are great for an instant answer without having to search old threads.

-- gilda (, June 15, 1999.

Look under the ABOUT link top level.

-- directing (traffic@thatway.forprep), June 16, 1999.

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