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i've been at my present job for almost 3 months. when i first started, i asked our sys guy about remediation. he told me we would have new equipment installed for payroll and stuff within 45 days. last week i asked him how we were doing. he said "we'll be fine" but didn't mention the supposedly new equipment. he didn't say "we are fine", "the computers were changed last week", or anything else to that effect. just "we'll BE fine". he has also brought in additional help; i've never seen them before, and they don't talk to anyone else, so i'm assuming they're hired-help. anybody else notice anything?

-- sarah (qubr@aol.com), June 15, 1999


Sounds like my job. When I interviewed there just over a year ago I asked about Y2K preps. Was told "oh yeah, we're ready", DUH. This is a small business, about 120 people, I supervise the legal department consisting of about 13 employees. Had lunch with the general manager about two weeks ago & casually mentioned that we are still working in DOS & I have seen no program upgrades, I fell off my chair with her answer (figuratively, of course!). She said "I expect (name IT guy) to be gone just before 01/01/00 because he knows we're not ready", Legal and scanning are not updated (no plans either)". I didn't know what to think as she never elaborated more, this tells me we're toast! Oh well , it will give me time to do last minute preps at home I suppose.

-- Sammie Davis (sammie0@hotmail.com), June 20, 1999.

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