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Just opened the June edition of FAmily Circle magazine and found a Y2k article. It is very well written and gives advice for credit cards, prescriptions, and ATM's.

Some highlights: credit cards may not work, when you try and get your perscription filled at the pharmacy, the computer may report that it has expired. Your billing statements from utilities to morgage may become inaccurate. Your life, health and home insurances may show up as expired. When you arrive at work on Monday the elevators may be locked. Medical equipment in hospitals and securtiy systems and thermostats in residences may shut down. All modes of travel could be affected. For example, an outdated fuel injection chip in your car may prevent it from running properly. Traffic lights may be affected. Trains and subways may not run on schedule and could possibly face switching problems. As for flying, a single error in a single chip in the high tech air traffic control system could spell disaster.

The magazine included several real life examples of glitches. A paragraph or two on what is being done and Y2k and the law is discussed.

In a big bold blue box we have the Y2K Checklist which I found interesting. Number 1. By mid-Dec. withdraw enough cash to cover your expences for about a month. .....You will also have money if your Social Security or pension checks are delayed. 2. Do not schedule elective surgery. A lot of hospital equipment is dependent on computer chips that might not be working. 3. Avoid flying. There are 13 different tips.

Then there is a Y2k Action Kit, again boxed in and very eye catching. Number 1. here is Have a 60 day supply of needed prescription medication on hand by Dec 1. Eight different tips are issued here.

The URL for the magazine is I did not try to find the article on the net. This is from the June issue. Something good to show friends and family.

-- Linda A. (, June 15, 1999


Thanks Linda,

Did a quick lurk but no luck (search doesnt pull it up either)... hotlink... WebObjects/Parents/PM.woa/-/FamilyPage.wo

Maybe lurk the print copy, next time, while at the checkout stand?


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 15, 1999.

An alarmist publication like 'Family Circle' printing an article on Y2K?



(Did it say anything about stocking up on Tide?)

(Hee, Hee. . .)


-- FM (, June 15, 1999.

Another publication:

Just got an updated official Y2K brochure from the State Of Wisconsin.

While they don't go as far as Family Circle, they've changed from the "storm" analogy to:

"Store adequate food" "If possible, have an alternative source of heat and fuel"

"Store water ... 1 gal/perspn per day"

"Have your medicines refilled early and available by 12/31"

"Make sure any LP or fuel oil tanks are filled shortly before 12/30/99"

Nowhere do they say how much to store!

Theres more, but two observations:

1. If everyone did what they say there would be shortages.

2. The state has definitely changed to "prepare as you see fit". Terms are ambiguous --- but certainly can't be interpetted as "no big deal".

It seems to me that WI is taking Y2K MUCH more serious than they did 3 months ago.

Just another word of warning --- it doesn't look good (unless you deceive yourself).

-- Jon Johnson (, June 15, 1999.

I know in our very rural area, only so many copies are aloted to given locations, and some magazines are not restocked during the current issue and unavailable toward the end of the month. My first thought after reading this post was, might get a copy and check this out. However, the only reason I would buy would be for curiousity and most all of the material would just be a review. I would be taking that copy out of the hands of someone who may really need the information.

Like Diane mentioned, just a "lurk" in checkout line will do for me. I am wondering about how "dated" the information is, since magazines must plan for publication so far in advance.

....just a thought. :-)

-- Lilly (, June 15, 1999.

Remember, the water requirement of 1 gal/person/day is for drinking only. It does not include water for: bathing, washing clothes or dishes, flushing toilets, or cooking.

See more tips at my page: http ://

-- Chuck (, June 15, 1999.

Actually, Chuck, the one gallon per day per person is for drinking _and_ cooking. That's what Red Cross and FEMA say anyway. Linda

-- newbiebutnodummy (, June 15, 1999.

Actually, this may be a good awareness tool for some individuals. If my grandmother were still alive, she would have been more willing to read and believe Family Circle than to listen to some young whippersnapper! It could do a lot of good...better advice than the Federal government is giving, anyway.

-- Mad Monk (, June 16, 1999.

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