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This appears on the news section of page. KCRG has designated the y2k problem as "SWATTING" the y2k bug. I don't know if its an attempt to put Cedar Rapids to sleep or what. Now when you cannot get gas at the end of the year, are you going to head to the grocery store next?

Eastern Iowa - You might find yourself swatting the Y2K bug at the gas pump in the new year. Oil company officials say Y2K fears may send many customers rushing to the pumps, creating their own gas shortage. Stations are only designed to handle a certain volume of business, which has nothing to do with computer problems.

-- y2k dave (, June 14, 1999


I think we will start seeing gas shortages the first of Dec. Many will be expecting shortages the last of December so they will fill up extra containers early.

-- Moore Dinty moore (, June 14, 1999.


Don't hold your breath for KCRG or any local news outfit to do any investigative journalism. Here is a copy of a memo from Alliant Energy that was given to employees late last year. Us

At least two people I know also faxed a copy to KCRG and the other local stations back in December (as well as to the Gazette). None of the local stations found it even the least bit newsworthy. (But the opening of a new local retailer - now that's real news worth of a film at 11)

*sigh* Cedar Rapids is not much different than anywhere else with respect to broadcast news. You have to remember that the primary purpose behind such organizations is to sell advertising. Period. If you want advertising, their grrrrreat at it, but if you want news, I'm afraid you'll need to keep looking.

Arnie - a fellow Eastern Iowan

-- Arnie Rimmer (, June 15, 1999.


I know its like beating a dead horse. Did you know that the mayors y2k coordinator is a former news hound(jounalist). Until it becomes news that is sensationlized, both KCRG and the Gazette will not cover it. I rememeber the article about the DOD lieing about its systems and it made the front page of the USATODAY but the Gazette didn't even mention it. Someday, when it too late they will start to cover it.

-- y2k dave (, June 15, 1999.

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