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One day I had AOL launched on my PowerMac 6500 which came with the Apple/GV 56k modem. I came to a site that suggested I use Netscape to view it. So I then launched Netscape and got some error message and so I decided to just quit and shutdown. The next time I tried to use AOL, the dial-up wouldn't connect and the operator would say: I'm sorry your call did not go through. I tried using my Fax software and that didn't work either. I placed a regular phone in the jack and taht worked fine. So I ran Norton Utilities and then tried replacing some PPP and TCP/IP files from my system disk but that didn't work either. I can assume that something got reconfigured and I don't know how to fix it. Does anyone have any thoughts, is this something that I could fix or do I need to call a professional technician to get the problem solved?

-- Grace Thomson (, June 14, 1999

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