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Hi, all,

I'm thinking of buying a film scanner but don't know which model to select. Can anybody suggest a model? And where to buy? My budget is BTW, it seems so difficult to find a film scanner in Singapore. How come?



-- Chen (, June 14, 1999


The HP PhotoSmart scanner should be well below $1K. The Nikon Coolscan III should be around $1K but u will need another $300 for the SCSSI card.

-- Wee Keng Hor (, June 14, 1999.


I bought my HP Photosmart scanner about 1 year ago from Courts in AMK (the only outlet carrying it??) I bought by hire purchase and have finished paying it now (1 year passed so quickly) It is about $6-700 now with a scsi card thrown in.

The only disadvantage is you cannot scan Medium Format. But scanning slides/ negs is superb. Now I do all my films DO (develope only) because I have got sick and tired of the labs messing up with the colours or focus.

-- Jonathan Wong (, June 24, 1999.

A little late, but heck, a HP Photosmart II S20 is supposedly very good. I'm on the verge of buying one. Check it out.

-- Chris (, February 10, 2000.

I bought the HP Photosmart scanner 2 years ago for about $800. A year later the light sensor gave fault but luckily it was still under warranty at that time. A year later which is now, the same problem arises with the light sensor and guess how much I have to pay for the repair...almost $300. I gave up.

Now looking for another alternative low cost scanner. Any recommendations ?

Wai Khong

-- anonymously answered, June 02, 2000

I know it's been a long time since the last reply but could anyone recommend a good film/slide scanner at a reasonable price available in Singapore?

-- J Sie (, December 01, 2001.

Cathay Photo at Peninsula sells Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III at S$559. It's optical resolution is 2820 dpi, good enough for A3 size prints. Check out http://www.steves- for reviews. Cheers!

-- Jericho Jensen (, March 13, 2003.

Hey guys I was wondering if any of you ordered the Minolta Scan III recently? I ordered mine THREE weeks ago from John 3:16 and it is still not here!

-- Casper (, April 15, 2003.

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