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Published by HM Government

The Millennium Bug


Compiled by Action 2000


What is the Millennium Bug?

Although it is called "The Millennium Bug", it is not a virus, you can't catch it and it certainly doesn't creep around the garden. Quite simply it is the name given to what happens when computers and electronic systems can't recognise the year 2000 and read the date as 1900 or another date instead.

The Millennium Bug affects very little in the home, but in the workplace its impact can be extensive. It isn't something that just concerns the computers on people's desks: a wide range of equipment, from the factory's production line to the company's switchboard may be affected.

Why did it happen? In the early days of computers, memory capacity needed to rung the computer was limited and expensive. Computer programmes saved precious memory by representing year dates with only tow digits. The year 1963 was 63, 1985 was 85, and so on. programmes assumed thier shortcuts would be replaced long before the millennium, but some programs are still being used today. So when the date changes to the year 2000, not all computers and electronic systems will recognise the two-digit 00 date as being the year 2000.

When will the Millennium Bug strike? Many people thing the Millennium Bug will strike as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve 1999. The truth is, it could happen any time a computer uses a date in the year 2000. Many organisations, including accountancy firms and pension provides are already successfully using dates in the year 2000 and beyond.

Are the stories i have heard true? There have been plenty of stories about what could happen when the date changes to the year 2000. A few of them are true, some wild speculation and others absurd. This booklet tells you the facts about the Millennium Bug and what it means to you. And it also tackles some of the fictions that have grown up around the Millennium Bug.

How will it affect me? There are very few things in your home that are affected by the Millennium Bug. One or two appliances that have year date functions may get confused about the date and these are dealt with on pages 3 and 4. This booklet will also tell you what the key service provides that we rely on in our daily lives have been doing to ensure 'business as usual' over the millennium.

Will it affect me at work? Business depend on computers and electronic systems far more than people do at home. Action 2000 has been alerting companies to the possible impact of the Millennium Bug and providing information to help them prepare their systems for the year 2000. However, some businesses are less prepared than they should be. Check what your company is doing to get ready. After all, if their systems don't work, they may have difficulty in paying you on time. Action 2000 provides a free Action Pack to help businesses prepare. If your company needs one, call 0845 601 2000.

Beating The Bug Action 2000 is a company set up by government, to provide information free of charge, to help businesses get ready. Their work also includes the National Infrastructure Programme - see page 14 for details.

What should i do? This booklet gives you good background information on the Millennium Bug and also points you towards further information if you would like it. Please read it and keep it safely. If you have elderly neighbours or relatives who may need extra reassurance about their appliances and the Millennium Bug, please help them. And if you would like more copies of this booklet to give them, call Action 2000 on 0845 601 2000.

Further Information - The Action 2000 web site is updated regularly and will give you the very latest information, or call Action 2000 on 0845 601 2000. - Each section of this booklet has a 'Further Information' heading to indicate where you can find additional information on each subject heading.

pages 3-14 to follow shortly.

-- Graham hyslop (, June 13, 1999


Graham, I wouldn't bother with all that typing.You could summarize the whole sorry booklet in two pithy sentences.

"No need to worry!Everybody is working hard & there should be no problems."

The only warning was to check with your boss to make sure your salary gets paid.

Totally pathetic.As the Times said yesterday,it is an example of government spindoctors in action again.

-- Chris (, June 13, 1999.

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