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I wonder if there's someone who could help me with the following matter? I have a Pinnacle DC10 plus where I capture and create my video's with. I know this program can't create MPEG1 files witch are needed to burn cd's in my Adeptec easy cd creator deluxe version, so I also bought Adobe Premiere 5.0 in which this must be possible. I also have LSX MPEG encoder 2.51.demo version.

My main PROBLEM is that for the Pinnacle DC10 and the Adobe Premiere I don't know which settings I have to use! I'm strugling with this mather for month's now and I'm desperate, any help is welcome and highly appreciated!

Tips on the LSX encoder are welcome as well, this is a demo version, should I buy something else or is there excisting free/shareware and/or where can I obtain this? Any tips ond the best type of CDR to use?

I hope You can help!

Thanks in advance Geert vander Veer

-- Geert vander Veer (, June 13, 1999


You have to capture at the White Book Std. For NTSC - 352x240 - 1150 kbit/sec - 29.97 fps - 44.1 khz I use the XingMpeg1 encoder. My problem is Adaptec keeps putting the DAT files in the segment folder. The DAT files must be in the MPEGAV folder if you want to play it on a stand alone VCD player. I guess Cequadrat 4 the one to get for making VCDs.

-- (, June 17, 1999.

i also use DC10+ to make avi files and encode to Mpeg with TMPG encoder then I burn with Nero 5 it doesnot play in my DVDplayer !! what are the settings to create avi files on DC10+? pls hell me.

-- faiz (, January 06, 2001.

Don't use Nero! use the lousy Adeptec copy software to make video cds. It will automatically reconize those files that are TRULY mpeg1 comptatible toward the creation of a video cd. Also, please not that not ALL dvd units are compatible with created video cds; see if it will work with another dvd and/or change your brand of cds.

-- vc crai (, February 16, 2001.

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