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I've been saving the Powerpoint files to Postscript and then distilling and repostscripting for a good "ps" file to rip and use in Postershop. Is there a way to print directly to the Postershop Server??? I know I'm doing it the hard way, just want to hear from other users.



-- Anonymous, June 11, 1999


If you print to file (entering a .ps extention) using a good PostScript or PostScript-compatible driver, you should be able to use the resulting file directly in PosterShop without distilling. Onyx provides a large-format driver with its "WinConnect" product, but you can also use another printer such as the QMS ColorScript 100 to generate your PS files.

NOTE: If you select a monochrome printer, you will only gert monochrome PS in your file.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 1999

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