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Okay, your game is up. I found out who most of you really are! And what you are really up to! Read the late breaking news.

-- Carol (, June 11, 1999



-- FLAME AWAY (, June 11, 1999.

Wow! Now that's one of the weirdest things we've EVER read!
Hhhmm, does that qualify for "good news?"
Carol, maybe you should post the text so people will feel empowered and happy counteracting bad news! He does have some do-good feel-good suggestions at the end there ;^)

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, June 11, 1999.

Alrighty then.

And people call *me* strange (?!)

-- ariZONEa (, June 11, 1999.

Are we not shape-shifting reptilian trilateralists?

We are Devo.

-- number six (, June 12, 1999.


-- && (&&@&&.&), June 12, 1999.

Dieter, please translate.

-- Tom Carey (, June 12, 1999.

tRANslATE WhaT?????? cANNoT AnY IDIoT See tHiS FoR WHAt IT Is?????? a CLuE Of WHaT IS tO COmE, As foREsEEn By The BLeeDINg EYeS Of diETeR!!!!! ALieN INvasIOnS, yES????? nATUrliCh!!!!!!! simPLe!!!!!

bUT WhaT Is tHE SPecIFiC WArniNG To Us oN THiS BOarD??????

noTiCE tHE FOllOWInG If yOU DaRE To sEE tHE TruHTfuLNEss iN UgLY HUmaN INteNSItY!!!!!!

1 [The solar eclipse which is to take place on August 11 (over the key Earth power centre of Cornwall, England) will also have a "Grand Square" which makes it extremely powerful. ]

2 [The symbolism of the murder of a pregnant Diana, Princess of Wales, with the Egyptian Dodi Fayed, relates to the arrival of 'The Age of Horus'.]

noW ASks DIetER TO inFIDeLS!!!!!! caN THe trUTh bE ANy cleAREr tO IdiOTS??????? nO?????? waITINg is DIeTER!!!!!! nEIn?????? nEEd yOU MorE??????

3 [They will finalize this period of six months on January 31st/February 1st and start "preparing the ground for the sowing of their seeds.]

4 [The white horse, sacred to the Phoenicians in Britain (see The Biggest Secret), is also associated with the oak.]

shALL dieTER COntINuE?????? HuH????? WeLL JacKALs?????? SPeaK!!!!! yeS????? fiNE, SPeaKINg iS DIEteR NoW!!!!!!!

Do tHE ASSembLeD INfidELs noTiCE thE KEy woRDS?????? wELL?????

1 sqUArE = SquIRe

2 diANa = dIANe

3 prEPArE = "PrePArE tO SHaRE, bE Y2k awARE

4 SAcrED = saCREd spACEs

yeS????? INfiLTRatED HaS BEeN THis foRUM!!!!!!! bY THe hoRNeD INvadER's FRonT WOmaN!!!!!!!!! plAN 9 iS IntO EffECt soONLy!!!!!!

bewARe!!!!! BewARe i SaY!!!!!

-- Dieter (, June 12, 1999.

He's cracked the code!

-- h (h@h.h), June 12, 1999.

BtW, mR CAreY!!!!!!! dieTEr dId veRY MucH ENjoY yoUR SHiNiNG PerfORMancE In "DumB AnD DUmbeR"!!!!!!! hOW Do yoU Do it?????? YoU ArE A GeniUS!!!!!!!

-- Dieter (, June 12, 1999.


-- unspun@lright (, June 12, 1999.

Thanks for posting this. I had missed my last illuminati meeting and was missing out on a couple of critical details. I thought we were to meet at the pyramid at Chi-chi-initza (spelling?) on the Yucatan. I hope I've still got time to get my reservations shifted...

Seriously, I haven't seen this much drivel since I last watched a press conference from Washington.

-- Mad Monk (, June 12, 1999.

Dieter... luv ya babe!

This deserves a hotlink...


Well h*ll Leska... hes cute!

the Illuminati are also obsessed with symbolism and ritual.

For the best symbolism on the web check out the NightStalkers web- site... warning... they *like* cookies...

The *funny* part about this is my lineage IS descended from the pre- William the Conquerer, Kings and Princes of Wales!



-- Diane J. Squire (, June 12, 1999.

From "Arizona Wilder"'s note on the David Icke site:
... the July 28th lunar eclipse. ... The Moon on this date is a New Moon - a time to plan and cast spells for the plan.
Well, a New Moon may be "a time to plan and cast spells for the plan" -- someone else will have to verify that part -- but it is _not_ the time for a lunar eclipse, which can only occur at Full Moon!

But David Icke, self-proclaimed "most controversial author and speaker in the world", is not one to let little details like that get in the way of "Once you have tasted the secrets, you will have a strong desire to understand them". :-)

-- No Spam Please (, June 12, 1999.

Hey, all you David Icke fans out there! Look here at

The Shepherd Group, which had scheduled a David Icke event for June 19 in Chicago, has cancelled it "Due to Lack of Interest".

I guess not enough Chicagoans tasted the secrets. :-)

(Or maybe The Shepherd Group tasted too many?)

-- No Spam Please (, June 12, 1999.

wow- we seem almost normal on this site now.......maybe we can turn the GNIABFI crew onto Icke.....

-- farmer (, June 13, 1999.

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