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Here's an interesting story about newly installed (1997-98) system the state of Ohio bought last year. Some of the lines are really a laugh for an information systems person. At least they sent a reporter! So what if he doesn't have a clue how to ask a followup on this subject. Take a look!

-- cheryl (, June 11, 1999


This is my favorite line:
"This was a hard monster to get your hands around". LOL

-- y2k dave (, June 11, 1999.

No, my favorite line was...

"Everyone thought it was Y2K compliant.."

This indicates that it was not tested properly or was not tested at all. As it will eventually turn out, the overwhelming vast majority of systems will not be tested at all or improperly tested.

And please remember, this is only on mission critical systems which are a fractional part of the totality. They think they will apparoach normal functionality when operating less than ten percent of their systems which will turn out not even to have been properly tested.

-- Paul Milne (, June 11, 1999.

Here in northwestern Ohio the news is mostly about the sultry climate and sports activities. Most here are fed up hearing anything related to Y2K. Their attitude of indifference is why it's so easy for me to stockpile provisions for my family and friends.

-- Randolph (, June 11, 1999.

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