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Hi, I am a new person to post on this sight, adn I think that Casey Affleck is really cool. I think his brother Ben is really cool also. I really wish that my parents thought enough to have another child because I wouldl have loved to have a brother, and my brother and I could have been like Ben and Casey. If I grew up in Cambridge, I may have even gone to Cambridge Ridge and Latin High school, and since I am close in age to Casey, he and I may have been friends. I like to think that we are anyway...because all the charaters he plays I can relate to.

For Example "in To Die For," when he playes Russel. I have a sweatshirt made by Russel, and everytime I wear it I think that I am with Casey, riding bikes, or playing volleyball or something.

And my brother could have been friends with Ben, and we could have gone to have some beers together, at the same bar that they drank beers at in "Goodwill Hunting" (my favorite movie, by the way)

Well, I am going to probably be stopping in to this sight often, and I look forward to maybe building a correspondence with some other "Casey friends".


-- jonah sexton (, June 11, 1999


Dude, you are like a stalker or something! You think about this way way WAY too much! Get out and get a life!

-- Anonymous (, August 31, 2000.

Whoa. No shit.

-- nyoaka (, September 03, 2000.

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