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To Al-D from Gordon,

I am going to offer some advice with the best of intentions. Perhaps you have noticed (I hope so) that there are only so many new threads posted on the opening page. As each new posting is made, it causes the one on the bottom to go off, into the archives. Thus, anyone who is looking at this site will only see postings for 2 days, more or less, if the forum is active with new questions. So, personally, I get a kick out of your ideas and thinking, but you are starting so many new posts that it cheats others of proper exposure. Now, this is really easy to solve. What you should do, is only start ONE new thread for each day, but title it real cool, IN CAPS, with something like AL-D THOUGHTS FOR TODAY. Then as you think of more things, just go back to that posting and add the new thought there. You will get some really great big long postings, with lots of answers, trust me, but you won't use up the limited lines of new threads allowed. Does that sound OK to you? I promise I will look in on your "daily word" and even comment, along with others. Deal?

-- Gordon (, June 10, 1999


Thanks to Gordon for pointing this out. I too enjoy Al's postings but they were kinda hoggin the available New Question threads.

BTW I'm feeling kinda like a GI failure, the only negative response I've recieved was DieTEr tellin me to die.

Got hate mail?


-- MidwestMike_ (, June 10, 1999.

Speaking of DiETer, how can we alert him when we need his help. Can we install a bat-signal on the roof so we wouldn't be so defensless against JaCKaLs and hYeNAs?

-- (, June 10, 1999.

Mike, that's a sign of affection in Dieter's book. See, it's the first three letters of his name. He likes you!

-- Old Git (, June 10, 1999.

Thanks Old Git, The antics of DeiTeR and his kind do make me ROTFLing. You' my freind, have contributed greatley to this forum, I hope you, Stan, Will and the Dog continue to help light the way into our nations future. Sorry that I omitted some folks....typeing is WORK for me.

Checking out the pool... Got goggles?


-- MidwestMike_ (, June 10, 1999.

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