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CALLING ALL Information System people reading this, please respond to this survey, lets get a feel for your area of the world and then we can get some sense of whats ahead.

1=bad, 2=poor 3=we know but the world won't, 4=OK, 5= Great.

1) Rate your I.S. world for y2k compliance

2) Rate your areas power grid for y2k.

3) Rate the rumors of I.S. projects in your area.

4) Rate similar industries in your area.

Justthinkin com

-- justhinkin com (, June 10, 1999


1)=5 2)=4 3)=2 4)=2


1)4, Not done testing.

2)2, Done anything???

3)2, Depressing.

4)1, Not a clue.

-- DJ (, June 10, 1999.

In most of the surveys I have seen, the higher numbers represent a worse situation. Perhaps it would cause less confusion if you followed this convention.

-- dave (, June 10, 1999.

1=4(OK), 2=unknown(our site backup gen 12 megawatts), My house is Generac xl5500. 3=4 OK(Computers upgraded, software completion target September, but not needed for manufacture) 4=Unknown. The levels of complexity depends on the products and their development. Ours are designed to be run in manual all of the time.

Good Luck

-- Ned P Zimmer (, June 11, 1999.

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