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=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= **FRIDAY NOTES** (I'm late this week!) edited by Jeanette Parr =-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= *DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT* We are delighted to welcome three new team members. In the order of arrival, they are: Mike Matchett, Director of Marketing Jan West Schrock, Director of Church and Community Relations James Kimbrough, Director of Major Gifts

++MIKE MATCHETT++ has had over ten years of marketing experience gained in co-founding and managing Lunatic Fringe, Inc., an imprinted sportswear company which sells to retail stores across the United States and abroad, developing numerous successful marketing plans for new products during that time. After spending the last two weeks in May with us, he returned to Boston where he and his wife, Kathryn, (She will be working in International Programs but I'm sure IP will want to tell you about her!) are presently completing final arrangements for their move to Little Rock. Mike said, "Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. My phone number is 781-239-7087 and I have arranged to check my HPI e-mail at least once a day." (

++JAN WEST SCHROCK++ joined our staff on June 1. For the past five years, she has served as director of the AmeriCorps program for the National Council of Churches, New York, NY. Prior to that, she was director of Brethren Volunteer Services. Before her career in volunteer service for faith-based organizations, she was a teacher and director of a school for learning disabled adults in Washington, D.C. She has volunteered as an HPI speaker and fund-raiser in Illinois and the New England Region and participated in HPI study tours in Guatemala, India and China.

Jan states that she is excited to be working for HPI and to join the Development team to work with Regional Directors on issues of expansion, volunteer service and church relations. (You may know her as the daughter of Dan West, HPI founder. Or as a featured presenter in many HPI conferences. In October, 1998, she spoke at the Hunger Conference here in Little Rock.)

Jan is the mother of two adult children, Nate and Kate Schrock, and grandmother of 11-month-old Avery West Schrock. Her children are living in Maine.

Working with HPI now is like returning to home base in many ways," Jan states.

++JAMES KIMBROUGH++ joined us on June 7. He is a native Arkansas, born and raised in Fort Smith. He has a B.S.B.A. in Finance from the University of Tulsa Oklahoma and an M.P.A. from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. James has over ten years community and economic development experience for the State of Arkansas and more recently, served as the Associate Director of Development and and Major Gifts Officer for Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, directing the Corporations and Foundations Division of a $25 million Capital Improvement Campaign.

James is a graduate of the community and economic development institutes and is active with several charitable, civic and professional organizations. He is the "VERY proud father of seven-year-old daughter, Madeleine, and is VERY excited about joining the HPI team."


*INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS* -Asia/South Pacific- from Rebecca Alderfer Introducing...Leia Isanhart, our new Intern! Leia is a senior at the University of Central Arkansas. She grew up in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, where she was a violin apprentice with the Ft. Smith Symphony. Under Leia's leadership, the student body of UCA raised funds to buy an Ark this spring! Leia spend last August in rural Kenya as an AIDS educator. She is an honor student with numerous awards and accolades and we're thrilled to have her on our team for the summer. Although no new animals have been passed on this week, we've just learned that Cambodia country representative, Sovann Sen and his wife are expecting their second child in November. They also have a young daughter.

After a somewhat scary start, the China study tour was completed successfully. The A/SP HQ team had daily chats with the China office the first days of the tour, until the political climate calmed. We are thankful for our participants' safe return and are looking forwaqrd to hearing about their experiences.

The Arkansas Museum of Discovery is setting up a one-year exhibit on HPI that will be opening soon. Robert and Rosalee have been loaning and donating lots of neat stuff.

Announcing IP's New Arrival! From Tolicia Colbert Tim Ogborn, Director of Organizational Development, and his wife, Karen, are celebrating the birth of their first child. Jacob Philip Brody-Ogborn. He was born at home at 5:34 PM on Sunday, June 6, 1999, weighs 8lbs, 14 oz and is 22 inches long. ======== DID YOU KNOW.... A CHILDREN'S BOOK ABOUT OUR AMAZING BEATRICE (and her red dress) IS IN THE WORKS! MORE DETAILS LATER!!!!

HELP ME IMPROVE FRIDAY NOTES... Of course you know that Friday Notes is part of your e-mail messages now. But did you know that it's also been posted on the "Group Discussion" part of our intranet site? We sneaked it in there to see if anyone had any suggestions, etc. about how to improve its services. And last week, I posted a notice that I would appreciate suggestions for a new name. I'm really looking forward to hearing from YOU. (You can access the intranet by pointing your web browser to You will prompted for a User Name and Password that Alan has furnished for you.) How about Ark Links? Or Heifer Net? Come on, you can think of something!!!!

Friday Notes will help us stay connected...if you will send me news. I really love to see "you have new mail" when it is something for our newsletter and I also know that a lot of exciting things are happening...WILL YOU HELP ME SHARE THEM WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE TEAM???

-- Anonymous, June 10, 1999

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