where are you going to go out this weekend?

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I hope this reaches you and that you actually answer me, because I am, like youre biggest fan EVER. I read a couple of moths ago that you were at Veruka in New York. Well, I also live in NY, and I have been going there every weekend for the last 2 months, but I can't get in. I try to dress trendy but the doorman doesn't like me. I even offered him a twenty dollar bill!!!

I was hoping that you would meet me somewhere else, because I can't get in there. On bleeker street at the red lion, I know that I get in there, and the bartender even will give me a pitcher for $2 off.

well, I hope that I get to see you. I'll definately recognize you.

see you-- Bye.

-- marty petrozino (pertozino@hotmail.com), June 10, 1999


Marty, are you a dude or a chick? I mean what is your deal? Of course he won't hang out with a loser like you. Casey only hangs wit da kool kids, just like leo d. That is why you look up to him, because he is cooler than you.

-- dee s. nuts (nutso@yahoo.com), June 10, 1999.

What the fuck is your problem dee s. nuts. So the guy wants to meet Casey Affleck who would, you don't have to get on his damn case like that. In every entry i read from you you were either being mean to someone or saying you want a man to pleasure your needs(GAY ASS). I mean why don't you grow the fuck up!!!!!

-- Tina Mcfree (Siti@n2fashion.com), August 09, 1999.

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