i think he should play a cowboy

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I really think that Casey would make good cowboy. Like same type character Jason Preistly from 90210 had in the movie Tombstone...but a little more macho. I think that he would look so convincing in boots and spurs, and with a Texan accent. It make the hair on Ngono's back stand up to think of Casey screaming Yee-Haaw.

Yee-Haaw, Casey, Yee Haaw!!!

-- Ngono Oshinyabe (oshinyabe@hotmail.com), June 10, 1999


dear ngono, i am writing to voice my strong disagreement. i think the western genre is d-e-a-d dead, and that casey's career would not be headed in the right direction. just look at jason priestly, he is a loser! No, i stand by my earlier statement-mob movies all the way. casey as a cattle rustler, i just don't see it. I also think that he is to small for such a role. Cowboys have traditionally been big, strong looking guys. Smaller cowboys like skeet ulrich, christian slater serve no other purpose than to grate on the nerves of the movie going public. if an actor, although quite a good one, of casey affleck's wanting stature were to try to do a western flick, i think there would be an audience backlash of the same magnitude as we saw for such hits as c+c music factory and that guy, MC hammer.

-- frank williamson (williamsfrank@hotmail.com), June 10, 1999.

As wierd a "question" as that was, I have to say that Casey'd make the cutest cowboy, can't you just imagine him in the cowboy hat and all that! And he'd be better than Leonardo Dicaprio as well. But back to normal questions and stuff...

-- Nicole (nicolefrench@hotmail.com), June 12, 1999.

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