Quark rip problems

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Since we have upgraded to OS 8.5 on our design end and PosterShop 4.5 on our rip stations, we have had random problems spooling the files from our Mac systems. It generally happens with files from Quark with imported PhotoShop images that are large memory sizes. EPS images from PhotoShop are a particularly bad, but it can also happen with TIFF and JPEG images.


-- Anonymous, June 09, 1999


Try upgrading your Print Driver in Chooser to Adobe PS. Have had great sucess with it and it way faster as there is no spool file created first and then sent to the printer. 1/2 the time..

-- Anonymous, June 11, 1999

possibly unrelated, but eliminiting any compression helps postscript printing a lot: never use jpgs, and avoid LZW compression on tiffs. Quark 4 claims they fixed the LZW problem, but it still surfaces time to time.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 1999

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