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It is just an amasement how many messages go through here in just a few hours. Since we are passing ICQ #'s around, mine is 28302642. According to the percentage board, I'm 20 positions higher than what I have on the 10-3-1 board. Aqua, I noticed since I knocked 2 of your 1st off, you have come to my games... Let the challenge roam. BTW, I just got a Japanesse translator, kiss the Japanesse trivia game records goodbye!

-- Chris Parsley (cparsley1@hotmail.com), June 09, 1999


I tend to play what I enjoy, and not be quite so worried about chasing anyone. Some of the more fun games (at least I think so anyway) actually have been mostly ignored, but that's been changing lately, which is good. I used to play 10 Yard Fight every week at the local Dairy Queen, back in those dark ages before the internet, so it caught my attention when you mentioned it. I could reach Super, and both sets (1 player only & 2 players) felt the same so I thought of them as one game. Basically I still do, so I see the 10 Yard Fight scores more like this:

1. Phil Lamat 166,050 (100.00) 2. Aquatarkus 146,350 (88.14) 3. XTC 120,300 (72.45) 4. Gameboy9 82,750 (49.83) 5. NotMan 69,600 (41.92) 6. Eric___ 57,350 (34.54) 7. Chris Parsley 53,800 (32.40) Rest_Of_MARP_Who_Can't/Don't_Play 0 (0.00)

It doesn't mean you suck (You're better now than all but 2 other people in my hometown ever got ... no one else in Richmond/Rosenberg ever did figure out Mat Mania), and it especially doesn't mean you won't get better, but it might help explain why my reaction is "Aw $#&^%, yet another #&^*%*% clone!!!".

-- Aquatarkus (aquatarkus@digicron.com), June 09, 1999.

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