Will the US follow the UK example?

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Good Day John (First names OK?): Below is a link, and the article itself, about what the UK are doing as far as preparing their citizenry for Y2K.

"Can something similar be done in this country?" asks Michael Brownlee and I am curious as well if the United States will be utilizing this avenue of notification?

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8/06/99 Launch of #5 million awareness campaign

A #5 million campaign aimed at dispelling Millennium Bug myths was launched in Central London today.

A booklet; The Millennium Bug - Facts Not Fiction; is at the centre of the campaign, which was launched by Leader of the House of Commons Margaret Beckett and BBC presenter Nick Ross at a branch of Sainsbury's.

It explains what the Millennium Bug is and what services may be affected by it - from domestic appliances and personal computers to insurance and utilities.

Mrs Beckett said it was important the public knew how the Millennium Bug could affect them.

"This easy to read booklet separates the facts about the Millennium Bug from the fiction.

"It tells people about how key basic services - hospitals, airports, cashpoints, supermarkets and petrol stations - will be operating over the New Year period.

"It is an informative and reassuring booklet which I urge people to read," she said.

The booklet will be distributed in national and regional Sunday newspapers this weekend.

It will be supported by a telelvision and radio advertising campaign, fronted by Mr Ross, who said it was about time people were given simple, easy to understand information.

"Some people are confused about whether the Millennium Bug will affect their home computer, video recorder or even microwave.

"This gives clear information about what items are at risk, how to check them and where to get further advice. It's a 'One-Stop Shop' of information about the Millennium Bug," he said.

A dedicated action line (0845 601 2000) for people wanting more information is being run by Action 2000, who compiled the booklet on behalf of the Government, in conjunction with several UK industries.

-- Bill Mueller (y2k@billmueller.com), June 09, 1999

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