What is the Naval War College?

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????? Does anyone know or are they another Cops R Us?

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), June 09, 1999


They are a group of informed individuals, who base their "opinions" on the facts available and then invision their conclusions of possible scenerios based upon the "logic" they possess. This tends to confuse MANY, as this method is completely foreign to most. In short........they are a "think tank".

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), June 09, 1999.

To counter a rumor, I have never been in the Navy nor visited The US Naval War College, but I have emailed the director of their Year 2000 Project a few times and he seems to be a rather level-headed guy. As far as I know (in my opinion), they have done and published the most comprehensive Y2K study by any military/government entity.

For an outline of the ongoing study (Koskinen, take note), visit:


-- Zach Anderson (z2k@usa.net), June 09, 1999.

Will, they are what the name implies, a college for naval officers. They are not a think tank, you moron.

-- You are (an@idiot.unbelievable), June 09, 1999.

Apparently....YOU ARE, is one of the many who is confused by their findings.

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), June 09, 1999.

Naval War College is what the name implies. It is a training college for upper echelon Naval and Marine officers. They teach everything from tactics to diplomacy to planning budgets to command tactics. Part of it is indeed a think tank for future direction of the Navy as well as the military as a whole and advisor to the Joint Chiefs.

-- Valkyrie (anon@please.net), June 09, 1999.

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