Update from Ky.

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The local Wal Mart has large supplies of oil lamps from floor to top shelf. Bottled water has increased in quanity as well as price, up 8 cents. I think it will go higher in the coming months. Lots of camping laterns and stoves but this is probably due to the season. Seems like more then usual and displayed in mid aisle.

Months ago Gary North worte that there would be a shortage of canning lids. I started watching lids last winter and think he may be right. All stores that I have been checking since winter have shown an absence of regular lids. Wal Mart this past week had the large size but no regular. They also had only 6 boxes of quart jars compared to 30 jelly. I usually buy my canning supplies at the Dollar Store since theirs arrive very early in the season. Not so this year.

When I questioned the manager I was told they are expecting the jars and lids in any time but do not know when or why they are late.

Just a rumor but she also said that truck drivers are going on strike in July. This could effect the flow of goods and add more disruptions.

Another rumor: the local utility said if things got bad they would leave the grid and service the community. This same utility had a transformer blow up yesterday and caused a large fire. Probably overload from too much heat, too many ac.

The banks have been having community awareness meetings. Other then that, all is quiet.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), June 09, 1999


Hi Linda,

Will be in KY this week. Guess I won't do any shopping for lids there.....I have run into similar situation here. When I find a box I buy it!!!! Normally they are packed with canning supplies. Even dollar general doesn't have them.

-- Moore Dinty moore (not@thistime.com), June 09, 1999.

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