What's in Casey's Future?

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Of coarse just like everyone else reading this, I am a big Casey fan. I was just wondering if anyone knows what is his nex't acting move is? Also, does anyone know when 200 Cig's will be coming to video?

-- Stephanie Johnson (ssstephie@aol.com), June 09, 1999


I know desert blue is coming out soon. I think he stars in that with goldie hawn's daughter or something? i also just recently heard a rumor casey or ben are in talks with a production company about being in a movie which stars some big time rap stars-- i think "Nas" or "Busta Rhymes". i'm really not big on ghetto nicknames-sorry. this might be true because i once read that casey was a huge fan of some rapper called "sir mix-a-lot" or something like that. sorry i really am just spreading gossip i hear, but everyone in the world talks about the Brothers Affleck, especially Casey. everywhere i go someone is saying something about how cool he is, how good looking, how loyal-you know a true man's man. if i wasn't such a big fan of his persona and obvious acting ability- which i personally think came to an almost deafening crescendo in "Race The Sun", i might be jealous.

-- frank williamson (williamsfrank@hotmail.com), June 10, 1999.

I don't even think you know what a "big Casey Affleck fan" is Stephanie. Why don't you jump off a bridge or something.

-- jonah sexton (jonahsex@hotmail.com), June 11, 1999.

Well, Jonah, that is a very mature response. Thanks for your thoughts but since I really am a fan I think I'll pass on jumping off a bridge!

-- Stephanie Johnson (ssstephie@aol.com), June 11, 1999.

Stephie, I'm hoping you know that it is of course, not of coarse (meaning rough), and that was just a typo.

-- Valeri Pervo (val448@wildmail.com), June 25, 1999.

damn jonah, yet again you're acting like a big time jerk. why don't you first get a life, second respect others and their feelings, third stop bashing on casey because he is awesome, and lastly get some help to deal with your problems or whatever the hell you need to work out!

-- (ceechris@home.com), January 16, 2000.

dude, non o' u mentioned casey's latest flick, "drowning mona" it's an awesome movie, & i like casey waayyy better than ben. in "drowning mona" when he sed i love u to neve campbell in his sweet voice, my heart melted!!! all in all, casey rocks!!!

-- maia (frykin123@aol.com), March 06, 2000.

I agree, I saw Drowning Mona as soon as I knew that Casey was in it!! I love him so much....seriously....I am in love....although people on this message board may make fun of me or something but I keep a huge scrapbook of pics and interviews and so many things of Casey. I am ... a tiny bit obsessed I guess and I watched Drowning Mona 5 times already....and I watch at least one of his movies a day. Okay so once I skipped a day but it is sad that I can never get him out of my mind. I have been auditioning for acting career (I am 16...wah I am young for Casey..at this time) and I really hope that I can act with him some day. Wish me luck everyone. It is my dream to be an actress and to one day work with Him. I love you Casey!!!!!!


-- Vicki Jensen (Raintwink4@aol.com), March 15, 2000.

Okay, it's good that you have dreams and all. But, I really think that you need to go and see a shrink. You are 16, you shouldn't limit yourself to that hobby. {If that's what you want to call it} You should be going out with your friends and stuff. Not sitting at home everyday and watching a movie with Casey in it over and over and over again. He is cool and everything, as a matter a fact I like him a lot. But you need help. Sorry.

-- nyoaka (nyoaka_jenson@yahoo.com), September 03, 2000.

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