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Brain I dont know much about the Iridium system but heres what I do know and you can start doing some more digging.

Ive read that there are 66 birds up in a LEO (so if you read the thread on sats, the ones in LEO can have problems if ground stations cant get access). To cover the globe, there are six different planes, 11 birds in each plane. I also understand that they can transmit data (telecomm) between birds, so any spot on the globe could have communications at all times. But there are some drawbacks. The phones are very expensive (about $2500) and you need a clear path to the birds. A roof-top antenna could help, if youre in the mountains or New York city. Check with Motorola for the handsets; they claim Y2K compliance. And Im sure they can also provide other info. I dont know about delays in transmission if any. Hope this helps.

-- Maria (, June 08, 1999


Maria, I thought you were leaving?

-- none (none@none.none), June 08, 1999.

Nobody leaves permanently; they just cut way back to actually DO some of the prep stuff discussed here; they lurk when they have time, and post occasionally. But it *feels* like leaving to the addicted ;^)

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, June 08, 1999.

Thanks Maria!

Doesn't sound like it has commercial use yet. $2500 a phone? One would think the price will drop. But not before Y2K. I see this as being critical to future communications. Therefore very Y2K oriented. Does sound like it will have limitations though.

-- Brian (, June 08, 1999.

Left out the most important part:

Prices range from 1 - 5 DOLLARS (US) per MINUTE.

I could see the 2.5 kilobucks but a BUCK to 5 bucks per minute??? WHOOOOOOEEEEeeeee!!


-- Chuck, a night driver (, June 08, 1999.

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