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While I was knocked off line with the blownup PC, The y2k coordination team came to my little post office and did their assessment. The system we used called CTT which tracked express mail was pulled out and the delivery confirmation scanners are now used for tracking express mail. This is very good. The (DCS) delivery confirmation system is less than 2 years old and is touted as compliant(although as a tech on the floor it's transparant to me and I can't prove it). The only down side for this is DCS doesn't as of yet have hardcopy printers. So if you lose the data, oh well. They procurement office is letting a large contract for tractor feed printers which will allow us to have hard copy. So the Post Office is making good headway on one of the last critical internal systems, and if push comes to shove we can get a printer locally since DCS uses off the shelf componets.

The only other system I'm stll concerned about is ACDCS(Aircraft Contract Data System). I haven't heard a peep about it since early this year. I think the quiet might speak volumes. No body's saying a thing about that.But they've got 206 DTG. A little bit of time left.

Lastly, I hate thought police. I'm in my 40's and based on my naval background when I curse I do it concisely, adroitly, and with bravado. I don't need some sand crab monitoring me and on a personal level they can take the hammer of their choice and pound sand in their rosy red (you fill in the blanks).I'm reminded of track 11, Not Now John, of Pink Floyd's "The final cut".

Thank You.

-- nine (, June 08, 1999


Thanks, nine, for the update on P.O. readiness. I've been trying to track what is going on by reading between the lines in the disclosures. Nice to know somebody on the inside can say what's what. I appreciated your earlier messages, too.

I still think I'll pay the January bills in December. Wonder how many other folks are thinking the same? And during Christmas rush, too . . .

-- Margaret (, June 08, 1999.

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