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Cory, Wha' Hoppen'd To The Report On The Maryland Bank's $30k Error?

Background for Newbies: Back a couple months ago (April?) Cory Hamasaki talked about checking into a $30k bank statement error on a friend's account. His surmise: there was enough ancilliary evidence to go hunting for a January 1st-Y2K-induced-database error behind the fiasco. Cory said he'd report back to us with a name and phone number if the suspicions proved out. It's a couple months later & we've heard nothing from the Haiwaiian Hellraker, either way. Now, Cory is B - U - S - Y. Busy remediating Y2K on enterprise systems, plus trying to help us all out in so many ways: raising Y2K awareness and reporting on Y2K preparation strategies.


Question for Cory (or for any of his DC buddies, who may have been [are still?] in on the investigation:

WHY HAVEN'T WE HEARD A FOLLOWUP ON THIS SUBJECT? Of course the obvious answer (which may well be a correct one) is: "Well, we investigated, and it turned out to be unrelated to y2k --- so we had nothing to report. End of subject." OR, "Well, we're meeting a lot of stonewalling -- haven't got hard facts yet -- don't want to talk about anything till we have 'hard' info to give you." OR, "Sorry. No time. Very busy."


There are hordes of Pollys and Trolls who batter us daily with "Hype, hype, hype -- it's all hype!" Or, "Ego, ego, ego -- all the Doomers want is attention! All they want is to see their names in print!" Or, "Claims, claims, claims --- none of them documented!!"

Now I'm a Doomer of the 33d Degree -- approached in extremism only by InfoMagic and maybe Milne. But I need a steady diet of FACTS to keep my Pessimism up to snuff. One of my sources of facts I hold in high regard, for close to 2 years now, has been Cory's 'geek leaks.'

I don't want anything to shake my confidence in Cory as a source of reliable "in the trenches" information.

Cory (or buddies): not reporting any followup information in this situation -- INCLUDING NEGATIVE INFORMATION -- is just the type of behaviour the Pollys accuse us Doomers of all the time, a kind of 'hit and run journalism,' if you will.

Cory (or buddies): If you quack like a duck, walk like a duck -- even in this limited situation -- how I can I tell you from a duck?

Please whip out a quick post to the forum saying something like: "No news folks -- because my suspicions were ungrounded. I was wrong (only a little.)" OR "No news folks -- because they're stonewalling us." OR "No news folks -- 'cause I'm so busy I haven't even got time to attend to my bodily wants." (Try carrying an empty milk carton with you in the car -- I had to do that till I got my prostate operation.)

Cory, we love your BIG Hawaiian Heart, we love your sense of humor. But SPEAK TO US!

InfoMagic's Guru,


-- William J. Schenker, MD (, June 08, 1999


Hmmmmmmmm !!!


-- Ray (, June 08, 1999.

Gosh, how much would you like to wager that the answer will be either:

"No news folks -- because they're stonewalling us." OR

"No news folks -- 'cause I'm so busy I haven't even got time to attend to my bodily wants." Good job in trying to protect what is left of ol' Cory's reputation Bill.

-- Y2K Pro (, June 08, 1999.

Another Hmmmmmmmmm !!


-- Ray (, June 08, 1999.

Guess I will wait and see what CH has to say. Of course, if he doesn't answer, that is an answer.

-- Paul Davis (, June 08, 1999.

Nice collection of Pollies on you, Bill. I recommend Hartz Polly-Off; take a bath, towel well, apply the Hartz Polly-Off, and comb out the excess. Repeat daily and within a week, you will be Polly free and your coat will have a sheen that all will envy.

I guess most of you missed the report on the bank. I don't monitor Yourdon's Forum regularly, or even c.s.y2k these days.

I checked with a WDC Y2K'er who works at the F.D.I.C. and he speculated that the problem was related to a merger. He gave me suggestions for "fixing" the problem but stated that it was unlikely that they'd tell us exactly what they did wrong.

The owner of the account that has the extra$30,000 is watching to see if the bank finds this problem on its own.

We should have another statement in a couple weeks.

-- cory (, June 08, 1999.

Really Cory,

You are very witty in your writing. If we make it through this give it some consideration.


-- R. Wright (, June 09, 1999.


Good to see an old poster boy from the old North forum. Those were the days my friend.


Thanks for telling us how to get rid of the ticks and fleas. Do they think that you're just lying around with a box of Entenmann's making this stuff up?

-- BB (, June 09, 1999.

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