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Secretary of the Treasury is an employee of the International Monetary Fund ( IMF, an independent foreign corporation ) and "Receiver" in the National Bankruptcy ( See. Reorg. Plan No. 26, 5 USCA 903, Public Law 94-564 ). US District Court Judges are immune from civil torts and are members of an "independent judiciary" paid by [foreign] IMF-controlled Treasury Department. The Civil Service Commission suspended the loyalty oath ( see: the Stewart Case, 1970 ) for its federal employees and many agencies have transferred allegiance to the UN through "Service Agreements" and "Memorandums of Understanding" (MOUs). The US Marshall's' Oath to the Constitution under 28 USC 563 was deleted (Congressional Record, H7935, 9/22/66 - House) and subverted to INTERPOL et ed, by UN mandate 22 USC 263(A) .

SUBVERSION OF THE CONSTITUTION BY INTERNATIONAL TREATY: Passage by Congress of unlawful ( i.e., under Color of Law ) legislation designed to overturn the Constitution. The following list contains highlights from US Legislative History. a. The Federal Reserve Act 1913 abrogated Article 1, Sec. 8, clauses 5 & 6 b. HJ Res.. 192 ( 1933 ) - suspended the Gold Standard and Gold Clause. c. Coinage Act of 1965 - Debased the specie coin [Article 1 Sec. 10 clause] d. PL 94-564 ( 1971 ) - removed convertibility of US dollar into gold. e. Declaration of INTER dependence ( 1976 ) - nullified national spirit and purpose. Note this is the international version of the 1930's domestic Declaration of Governmental Interdependence by the Governors of States once united in freedom and independence. f. PL 95-147 ( 1977 ) - declared insolvency.. h. UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ( 1992 ) - set aside the Bill of Rights.. The net effect of these seditious legislative changes has been to overthrow the Natural Spiritual, and Common Law heritage of a once Great Republic.

UNILATERAL DISARMAMENT: The creation of an arms Control and Disarmament Agency under PL 97-297 and described in State Dept. Paper 7277. along with the launch a "military enforcement action" to confiscate firearms from all law abiding citizens.

INTERPOL CONNECTION, Lyons, France In 1988, INTERPOL changed their constitution so they could investigate anyone classified as a "Terrorist". Also in 1988, the U.S. Marshal's service was TRANSFERRED to use of the UN Secretary General under the Omnibus Crime Control Act. They have no oath or allegiance to the U.S.A. Article 6 of the Constitution for the United States of America and the statuary provisions thereto, require an Oath of Allegiance to OUR Constitution. ( Research: CWC, Puyallup, Washington, Fax: 206-874-1456 )

-- OR (, June 07, 1999


This is really too much to digest all at once.

How about if we start at the first point. Can anyone provide the specific documentation or source for saying that the secretary of the Treasury is an employee of the IMF? Can you post the text of Reorg. Plan No. 26, 5 USCA 903, Public Law 94-564, and tell us how to access it independently?

I do appreciate this kind of information.


-- Rick (, June 07, 1999.

ref interpol above. These are NOT "Executive officers" and are therefor NOT covered. Find another piece for this one.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, June 07, 1999.

Address your concerns and questions to the researcher listed at the bottom of the posting:

CWC, Puyallup, Washington, Fax: 206-874-1456

-- OR (, June 07, 1999.

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