Y2K ads, brochures, etc. appearing more regularly: Your experience?

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My wife brought home a brochure put out by the Red Cross: "Y2K - What You Should Know." I asked her where she picked it up, and she said she got it at a health food store. I'm not looking for these things, but am amazed how often and where I am seeing Y2K ads in magazines, newspapers, church announcements, etc. "The Sportman's Guide" has a couple of pages dedicated to Y2K in the recent catalog. Ads in the local newspaper for real estate specifically mention Y2K. The utility companies here have been placing information along with their monthly bills. I have received Y2K mailings from my mortgage company, as well as the three local banks where we still have funds.

Where are you seeing Y2K mentioned or addressed lately?

-- Joseph (Here.in@Tucson.AZ.com), June 07, 1999


We just got a letter from our homeowners' insurance stating that any failures due to Y2K problems would not be covered under our policy.

-- kimmjoy (kimmjoy@aol.com), June 07, 1999.

Raid [bug spray] claims in their ads that they can eliminate the millennium bug.

Not y2k. The millennium bug. Cute comercial, but stupid.

Can they be held libel if we buy the spray and the bug doesn't die?

-- J (jart5@bellsouth.net), June 07, 1999.

Joseph, I'm seeing just the opposite -- almost nothing at all about Y2k. On the rare occasion that it's mentioned, it's always the butt of some joke. No wonder everyone ignores it! They'll deal with it in late December with a quick visit to the ATM & the grocery store. *Yawn*

-- it's (an@invisible.bug), June 07, 1999.

I know that Y2K was getting some attention about a month or two ago but then Clinton stepped in and attratced the viewer's attention to the Balkans. I guess if the conflict loses steam prety soon we'll need some other mess to entertain the masses. Y2K, unfortunatley, just isn't going to be sexy enough to get more than 30 minutes here and there, and then it'll probably be a lot of pointless political mudslinging. If and when Y2K kicks the neighboring asses of those countries not smart enough to prepare I think the US might wake up and see the guillotine for a fraction of a second before it cuts their own head off ( I hope that is not too vulgar for the censors ). Assuming of course that your average american can actually pull his or her attention from RealSex23 on HBO for a second or longer. Or whatever passes for it in germany, england, russia, iraq, china (well maybe not china) and so on.

-- (workathome@atl.ga), June 07, 1999.

there were articles in "american handgunner" this month on y2l battle tatics to practice with your spouse!also articals by masad ayoob on what cops should do to prepair for living out of their squad cars for days on end(he encourages all cops to make sure their loved ones have guns,word!)

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), June 07, 1999.

Ten week series about Y2K in Seattle Times continues.

-- Leslie (***@***.net), June 07, 1999.

Just heard a commercial on the radio promoting "Brother" electronic typewriters. The whole thing was about Y2K and asked how your business would print and label envelopes when your P.C. dies because of Y2k. They stressed that insurance (typewriter) only costs $79.99. The interesting twist was they actually asked if you are sure your PC repairman actually fixed your PC, like, how do you know he knows how to fix for Y2k. Very interesting.

-- Jim the Window Washer (Rational@man.com), June 07, 1999.

We have the largest food chain and credit union handing out flyers at the checkouts. The flyers are pretty good and the food chain y2k management take it very seriously.

A Good sign

-- Brian (imager@home.com), June 07, 1999.

The largest newspaper in my area, the Star-Tribune (Minneapolis) has an article every Sunday in the Business section on Y2K. The second-largest, the Pioneer Press (St. Paul), had a front-page article yesterday (Sunday 4/6) about a computer engineer preparing for at least a 7.5.

my website: www.y2ksafeminnesota.com

-- MinnesotaSmith (y2ksafeminnesota@hotmail.com), June 07, 1999.

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