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All of this talk of "memes" has got me thinking; then I remembered where I'd heard people like Decker, and y2kpro before. The meme nosense they spout is 1984's "thoughtcrime"! It's so easy to see! MEMES ARE THOUGHTCRIMES!!! The pollys are belivers in Big Brother, exemplifed by "B.B." Clinton. That is why Mr.Decker and the rest of the pollys tell us to ingage in "crimestop", or any thoughts contrary to the almost mandated state thoughts. Can't you see?? Now Slick wants to take away our guns, and leave us defenseless against the NWO threat, which he has SOLD HIS SOUL TO! 1894 is coming to pass, piece by piece... We have thoughtcrime, ie "memes"; crimestop, ie "belive in the system, it cannot fail."; "lies are truth, ie Clinton's entire presidency! Freedom is Slavery, which is why the Government needs to "protect" us from ourselves, basically make us slaves. then we have "the two minutes hate" whith whatever enemy Klintoon has drummed up for us. Then we have War is Peace, which explains the situation in kosovo nicely. Finally we have Ignorance is Strength, which is why they are going after our guns, and dumbing down the "poopulace", with lies and false promises. The only thing we need for Orwells' world to become OUR WORLD is "room 101, the place where there is no darkness". I feel that whatever the outcome of y2k, the NWO will use it to gain power, and take more of our freedoms, probably organizing a purge angainst us "doomsaying, threating, terorist, thoughtcriminal, christian, right-wing, nut-case, survivalists", by turning the people against us. What do you guys think?

-- Crono (, June 07, 1999



You and I have some serious issues to deal with concerning our Federal Government. I can see exactly how you've come to the conclusions you have and I'm in total agreement. It takes soem really superdedicated freedom fighters to even stop the progression that Big Brother has perpetrated against americans. Since I am not like S. Poole I can't tell you exactly what is going to happen and when it's going to take place but I can tell you that if they decide to try and turn the people against me then I guess I'll have to edit my christmas card list and polish up the Beretta.

-- (, June 07, 1999.

...more evidence that the GI movement is being taken over by the radicals from the very far right of the spectrum. Required reading for all newbies...

-- Y2K Pro (, June 07, 1999.

Y2K Pro, you say that like it's a bad thing.

-- (, June 07, 1999.

My, its a no-news day isnt it ?

Its amazing that the (so-called) "Trolls" get all the heat for "spoiling" this lovely forum and "discouraging newbies" (along with all the other things they get blamed for).

What on earth is any sane-minded newcomer supposed to make of this thread ? If you listen carefully you can almost hear the sound of browsers being closed in panic.

Come to think of it, if the famous "defusing the timebomb forum" posting HAD been genuine (rather than humour), then clearly the best strategy the debunkerites and biffyites could've adopted in order to destroy this forum would have been to encourage Andy, Crono, Nikoli and all the other NWO chemtrail spotters TO THE MAXIMUM DEGREE POSSIBLE.

In fact, if anything, the "trolls" serve to add BALANCE to this place, and probably have the effect of actually KEEPING newcomers in the site. How long do you think the newbies would last if fed on a diet of unopposed<\B> NWO conspiracy fodder ?

Food for thought debunkies.

-- Theyre coming to (take@me.away.ha.ha), June 07, 1999.

-- undo (, June 07, 1999.

-- try again (, June 07, 1999.

It was a valiant effort!

-- (lol&, June 07, 1999.

I basically agree, Crono, and think many here would --- you just put it in starker terms than many want to hear.

But there are MANY well known and respected (at least formerly) journalists/writers who see the same things. Their analysis and idividual essays just don't get covered --- its all "Will Hilary run?"

I almost could forgive Y2Kpro and Poole for their ignorance, except thats what is contibuting most to letting Clinton and the others get away with it. As History shows, the mass of people won't realize its happening until its far too late (although I think a revolution is still slightly possible - see one of Joe Sobrans essays , link at Drudge Report).

-- Jon Johnson (, June 07, 1999.

C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y.!! ( Cliques of Normals Secretly Planning Insidious Rituals Aimed At Controlling You) THE SUBGENIUS MUST HAVE SLACK! But as the million-legged Church crawls around inside your cranium, there is one point it keeps returning to. It the the very point of the Church. The point is "Bob." "Bob" is, was, and ever shall, "Bob" is you, "Bob" is me, "Bob" is the Kama Sutra, the Id, the light that glows in the heart and mind of EVERY free-thinking SubGenius. And "Bob" is a man. It's "Bob." It always comes down to that. Because "Bob" is SLACK. And SLACK is what you want. SLACK is what you need. As the Pope of All New York[4] told the multitudes, "With the FULLNESS of Slack a CHANGE will come; Slackness will ENTER your life, Slackness will MAKE YOU SEE, Slackness will SET YOU FREE! Slackness IS! Slackness LIVES, Slackness WAITS FOR YOU and YEAH! send $20." Slack is what was taken away; Slack is what "Bob" gives BACK. That's as simple as we can ever make it. From here it just spirals off into stormier and stormier complications but in the MIDST of that storm there are two anchors you can always get back to, and those "Bob" and Slack. Now, you do not just sit and wait for Slack. You do not "work" at it either. This is an exact science of ways to achieve Slack through "seeing." You will be taught by someone you can trust completely. By "Bob." The fact that you have gotten this far - procuring this Book - indicates that you haven't been completely "asleep." You haven't been totally taken in by Them. Not yet. But they can still trick you. As bait they feed you too much of the wrong kind of Slack - the FALSE SLACK of The Conspiracy. The "Conspiracy" is Them. It was They who took away your real Slack. THEM.

-- ! (!@!.!), June 07, 1999.

Whereby can one attain true slackness?

-- KoFE (Your@town.USA), June 07, 1999.

Slackness for President 2000.

-- Leslie (***@***.net), June 07, 1999.

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