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I am trying to copy a VCD I received while in Asia to a VHS Videocassette, I am porting from PC, through TV out to Sharp VHS recorder, and the display on the screen is great, but when tape is watched, colour is gone and display rolls. It is a PAL VCR.

Thanks. Adam.

-- Adam Smith (, June 07, 1999


Set the TV-Out port to PAL. Your problem lies in that one setting. Explantion: Although the VCR is PAL, the TV-Out must also be PAL. If it is set to NTSC then you will get the missing color and rolling screen. It is as simple as selecting it from the applet or as difficult as removing the case and TV-Out card to set a jumper for PAL compatability.

-- the Lone Ranger (, June 08, 1999.

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