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Can anyone tell me how I can record a Defender inp that works? I seem to get hung up on the game adjustment screen. How do I get past it, and have a working inp? F3 gets me past, but the resulting inp does not work! Any advice would be useful. Thanks!

-- Bill Richards (BIL) (, June 06, 1999


Use the F1 and F2 keys [More]


Despite the fact that it means you'll probably take away some more of my scores, here's the secret.

Hold down both the F1 and F2 keys just after the raster sweep has finished and it's finished displaying the INITIAL TESTS INDICATE UNIT OK message.

You need to wait until the INITIAL TESTS INDICATE UNIT OK message has disappeared and it comes up with the next screen of text with PRESS ADVANCE WITH SWITCH SET FOR: AUTO GAME OVER MANUAL TO STEP THRU ADJUSTMENT.

You want to get in with the F1 & F2 combination within 1 second before it comes up with the first dispswitch option displayed.

Hope that helps and take it easy on my scores..... ;-)


-- BeeJay (, June 07, 1999.

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