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Executive Order: National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness

Does anyone have an actual government link to this executive order? I don't want to print out and distribute with this headline. This executive order gives the government the authority to seize all property and employ citizens as slaves. Though it's pretty accurate.

Nonetheless, it's too sensationalist for my taste. Besides friends/family seem to think things are more "real" if they see an actual govt logo attached.

Is this the executive order that I've heard people talking about? Why did they do this back in '94?

When you take the time to read thru it - it's pretty frightening.

Sorry if I brought up something that's already been discussed. If you have a link for previous discussion - would appreciate direction.

-- Cheryl (, June 06, 1999


It's EO 12919, and you can read it (again?) at:

among other places, and the most recent thread on this is at:

BTW Cheryl, you're right. According to a maze of this and other EOs, PDDs, PDs, USCs, and so forth, ad nauseum, the can legally take everything you own, including your life, with nothing more complex than "...the stroke of a pen." In point of fact, there's an ongoing debate about whether or not you really own anything, including your life.

One day at a time.

-- LP (, June 06, 1999.


Search Executive Orders

Executive Order 12919 National Defense Industrial Resources res/I2R?urn:pdi://

-- Diane J. Squire (, June 06, 1999.

Also Cheryl,

Look under the Government and Military categories on the forum. Lot's of discussion.

Key words: National Emergency, E.O., Executive Orders, Critical Infrastructure Protection, National Guard, etc.

Happy hunting!


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 06, 1999.

BUT ... why did they feel a need to do this in 1994? What was the rationale?

-- Cheryl (, June 06, 1999.

Beginning awareness of Y2K.

-- h (h@h.h), June 06, 1999.

NAH. Don't believe that. [Though to us, it's logical.]

There was something else going on that allowed something like this to pass.

-- Cheryl (, June 06, 1999.

can u say facism

-- R. Wright (, June 07, 1999.

Thanks Diane. Sorry, Cheryl, I should have read your request more closely. It's also in the national archives, if you want to fight that bureaucratic maze.

-- LP (, June 07, 1999.

Why do it in 1994? Who was president back then?

-- Mad Monk (, June 07, 1999.

WJ Clinton was president back then, and Waco was over a year old. Why do it in 1994? Don't know. Waco happened only about a month after he took office, so maybe it took him that long to learn how to use the tools he acquired when he moved into the WH. Namely, the EO, and the PDD.

-- LP (, June 08, 1999.

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