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A report released yesterday that can be seen at a temporary link here indicates that some municipalities may not be ready in time.

(For educational purposes only.)

"Updated: June 06, 11:20 am

Municipalities / Y2K Some concern has been raised over how prepared some municipalities may be to handle the Y2K computer glitch. According to a survey by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, more than half of Canada's local governments have been slow to address the issue. The report was released yesterday at the federation's annual convention in Halifax. The report suggests that almost 50 percent of municipalities will not test their systems until later in the Summer which doesn't allow for much time to fix potential problems. Almost 20 percent won't be running any tests at all. The RCMP also notes that a fifth of those municipalities that will be prepared don't have a back-up plan in the event of emergency."

-- Rachel Gibson (, June 06, 1999



Thanks for the heads up!

Shortly we should be able to get the testimony from the gentleman below.

From the Federation of Canadian Municipalities: James W. Knight

At "Meeting 125" from the The Standing Committee on Industry.

I will be watching for this and will let you know.

-- Brian (, June 06, 1999.

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