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For what its worth missing link found.

New Y2K 'Solution' Links Experts With Individuals

By Laura Randall, Newsbytes

A new "solution" to the Year 2000 computer bug aims to save time and money by linking Y2K experts directly with individual computer users who need their help through the Internet.

Billing itself as the "missing link" in the Y2K fix-it chain, Internet startup BigFix Inc. says its "Fixlet" message technology is designed to let technical experts diffuse their knowledge across the Internet in search of specific problems to fix from a base of customers who have downloaded Fixlet software on their computers.

The technology is aimed at large and small software and hardware manufacturers, said Scott Anderson, vice president of marketing at BigFix. It works like this: a Y2K expert signs up to use the Fixlet service. He then creates a message detailing the set of conditions under which a certain bug will appear and how to go about fixing it. The message is then diffused to BigFix clients whose machines have exhibited conditions of that particular bug. By clicking on a button in the message, the user should be able to fix the bug, according to the company.

Individual users will be able to download the Fixlet software for free. BigFix is aiming to get its revenue from big and small vendors looking to preempt widespread problems and save time by only reaching those computers carrying the bug in question.

Anderson likens the Fixlet "solution" to a body's immune system. "It's not obtrusive at all. It's the concept of 'Why not have the computer figure it out?' " Anderson told Newsbytes. The Fixlet program is also able to detect and warn users of any viruses infiltrating their computers, he said.

BigFix is in talks with vendors about signing up for Fixlet sites, Anderson said. The official launch date of the service is July 1, although he said the service already has a client base of a "few thousand," mostly from universities, who have participated in pilot programs.

Plans are in the works for an information technology version of Fixlet software targeted at small businesses, Anderson said. But for now, the company is aiming for a client base of individual users who would otherwise enlist the technical support their hardware or software vendors for help with computer problems.

BigFix's Website is

-- y2k dave (, June 05, 1999


Hmmmm, sounds like Italy and Russia should sign up pdq :)

-- Andy (, June 05, 1999.

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