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I realised that inorder to convert my VHS tape to VCD, I need to first use a video capture card, convert it to AVI format, then use something like XingMpeg encoder to convert the AVI format to Mpeg, then copy to a CD. My queries are, what is the affordable, effective and recommended capture card?and How to copy the Mpeg file to the CD, and make it workable with DVD, VCD player and PC.

Thanks a lot.

-- Simon Tan (, June 05, 1999


You don't need an AVI capture card, get something like a Dazzle, Snazzi or Adaptec VideOh! . They are MPEG capture cards. It'll save you hours of time. They cost about $200 each. If you'd rather use an AVI card, you'll find yourself capturing about 5 minutes of video and then you have to compress it, which'll take about an hour. I use WinTV PCI by Hauppague! to capture AVI files. I only made one VCD, and it was only 44 minutes, but it took me a whole week! I think WinTV is as little as $79. For the Dolby ProLogic version of WinTV, it's $169.

-- Mr.Ian Roswell (, June 05, 1999.

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