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I am planning on purchasing another sailboat as part of my preparations. But one of my concerns was could it be confiscated by local law enforcement personnel for "public use"? I had a thought about how one might avoid having a valuable (for fishing, etc.) sailboat confiscated by local authorities.

(1) Join the Coast Guard Auxiliary. This is a strictly volunteer organization that cannot be "called up." They also cannot be used for law enforcement or military actions (Most people are unaware of this).

(2) Dedicate your boat as a "facility". This allows it to be used by the USCGA on patrols, etc. However, only if you, the owner, allow it to be used.

(3) Become a coxswain, so that you can do any patrols on your boat. It requires a minimum of 8 hours on patrols/training to become a crew member; another 30+ to become a coxswain. This allows you to be in charge while on patrol in your boat.

(4) As I understand it, the boat's legal status becomes that of a "government vessel", even though you control it. I believe that you can revoke the offer to be a facility at any time.

-- Mad Monk (, June 05, 1999


1) Make very certain you read the fine print!! LOL

2) There will be FEW ways to avoid confiscation of anything if we get to that point.

Mind you, I do NOT expect to GET to that point, but



-- Chuck, a night driver (, June 05, 1999.

Maybe a nice surplus deisel submarine would do the trick. Then when the black helicopters come you can just submerge and laugh as you sail away knowing you are safe from danger. Remember....Run silent....Run deep.....

-- steve beynon (, June 05, 1999.

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