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I was jest wonderin what is goin on and on.

Russia says it will not fight under NATO command, and now the UN now wants a piece of the pie.

So is Russia goin to fite under the UN flag?? sure wish we didn't owe them all that paper or is it gold?

-- just fiddlin (, June 04, 1999


(1) Since a recent article discussed the continued decline of health of Russian troops, maybe it is better that they are separate from our troops. Russian troops had an (especially) high (and increasing) rate of TB, as well as other illnesses. Suicide was also high and increasing.

(2) Not being under joint command allows for misunderstandings and confrontations. Mo' bettah we work togedda.

(3) Not being under joint comand allows one group to prepare to attack the other...Nah, that wouldn't happen.

-- Mad Monk (, June 05, 1999.

"mo bedda we work togedda". Eay, bradda, I needed dat! (big smile, happy memories)That, plus a REAL bowl of saimin....nonna deese Howlie stoff! Thanks mad Monk.....from a person who's feeling pretty "peelou" this morning (and has no idea how to spell the lingo any longer! It's been awhile.)

-- Will continue (, June 05, 1999.

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