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Hi, I've worked with 4x5 cameras in the past and am thinking of gearing up once more, perhaps this time with a late model Linhof, which I've not used. (I've read the connecting web-site on Linhof and Sp. Graphics on this site and am little confused.) Re cams: Am I right that the need for having a lens 'cammed' is only relevant for range-finding focusing. That is, can one use a non-cammed lense on a Linhof board for ground-glass focusing w/o problems? Also the use of barrel lenses? I know the latter cannot be cammed, but can they be used on a Linhof with the ground glass? Sorry about such a basic question, Thanks, Mike

-- Michael Fuller (, June 04, 1999


you are right on all counts. no problems here!

-- trib (, June 04, 1999.

Michael, you're right because the cam controls the angle of the mirror in the range-finder mechanism, and this has got nothing to do with ground-glass focusing, that's why.

-- Lot (, June 04, 1999.

There are 2 reasons to use the rangefinders.

1: for use without camera movements to focus like a press camera.

2: for use with the ground glass, before doing movements, to find the 1/3rd point between the near and far points in a scene to optimize DOF. It is much easier to use to find this point then to hunt a peck without a tool to determine that point.

-- bob salomon (, June 04, 1999.

Good info for you. Regarding barrel mount lenses, the Speed graphics have focal plane shutters, so you can use this type of lens at shutter speeds of up to 1/1000 sec. The Linhofs don't have a shutter built into the body. You would either need to mount a Packard type shutter (squeeze bulb) behind the lens board or use the lens cap as a shutter (very historical)

-- tony brent (, June 06, 1999.

Good info isn't always useful.

A Technika has front and back movements so the user has control of the plane of focus, the position of the subject on the ground glass AND the shape of the objects in the picture (thanks to back movements). The Speed and Crown Graphics are press cameras. Unlike a view camera they do not have back movements so the camera does not give the photographer the ability to control the shape of the subject.

In other words converging lines may not be corrected with a camera without back movements.

But the good news is many lenses that are in barrel can be mounted into standard shutters which allows you to use flash and avoid the Packard shutter or the vibration prone focal plane shutter.

As an aside there was an accessory focl plane shutter for the Technikas that was available as an accessory. It was very trouble prone, is no longer available and can't be repaired - but they do show up from time to time.

-- Bob Salomon (, June 06, 1999.

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