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How does one search for postings from a particular poster on this forum? There are some excellent posters (from all sides of the argument) but (IMO) some are better in thought and information quality than others. I'd like to find the back postings of some of these posters. A number of them do not begin threads, so thread headings don't help. I don't have 6 months to go through all the archives doing name searches? Appreciate any simple answers.

-- cby (, June 04, 1999



Until we have a workable search engine... well, we're stuck.

To my recall the Forum host, Phil Greenspun, attributes the lack, to problems with the Oracle software that is being fixed. Seems to me I remember some post where he said October now, before a search capability could be usable. (Could be wrong).



-- Diane J. Squire (, June 04, 1999.

Thanks for responding Diane. Must say this is a great shame. The archives are becoming completely unwieldy - even the 'New Questions' seem to have a lifetime of an hour or two before they get completely bumped off the screen. For those of us living in different time zones to the USA, the forum is becoming rapidly unuseable as an information resource unless you're an insomniac. Such a pity. There's real gold in those archives. Yet another example of technological/human self- destruction? Sigh ...

-- cby (, June 04, 1999.


That's why Brian has so diligently put together the...

Year 2000 Preparation Archive q-and-a.tcl?topic=Year%202000%20Preparation%20Archive

Have fun exploring!


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 04, 1999.

Thanks to Brian for those archives!!!

Mike =====================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, June 04, 1999.

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